Aimee Thomas is another really talented actress who helped out with our first table read of Weird Girls. Not too long after the reading she posted her thoughts about how it went on her blog.

Aimee is a great Austin-based actor and I love working with her. One of my favorite things from her is a bumper she did for SXSW directed by Joe Nicolosi. He does a TON of great work like “Kittywood Studios” or the “Mario Bros. Indie Movie Trailer.” Oh and let’s not forget “Star Wars: Retold.”

Take a look at Aimee’s bumper.


When I was putting together the table read for Weird Girls, Aimee was at the top of my list of people to ask. Once I find great people I tend to want to work with them a lot. She had actually seen some early early drafts of the scripts so I was anxious to see what she thought in a full reading with other actors.

So please take a minute to visit her blog and read her thoughts. My personal favorite is…

“These weird girls are loyal, resourceful, funny and smart–they are the kind of girl I would have loved to be at 13, and they’re the kind of girls I want the girls in my life watching and emulating right now.”

And that’s exactly what I was going for. Those are all qualities that I would want the girls in my life emulating as well.

I really can’t wait to make this show.

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