Every person has their own style and process for writing scripts. I find myself listening to a ┬ávirtual soundtrack to get inspiration. I thought I would share some of the music on my personal “Weird Girls” soundtrack.

My biggest musical obsession for Weird Girls seems to be Fever Ray and Lykke Li. No, the show is not set in Sweden. I’m just in love with what they’re doing musically. The first one I’ll point out has a title that I just love for the show. It’s a Lykke Li song called “Youth Knows No Pain.”

I don’t think there’s an official video of the song but if you find one let me know. I just love the shot in that video.

The next one is a great song and I found of it on a YouTube video a few months ago. It’s not an “official” video, but HelloGiggles posted it on their stream and I can’t tell you how many times I watched. It’s another great song by Lykke Li called “I’m Good I’m Gone.” I think it’s better than the “official” video personally.

The best thing about that video is just how happy she it. That’s how I want the kids in “Weird Girls” to feel.

I want to jump stateside before I get to Fever Ray and point out a song that just screams at me whenever I hear it. There’s an episode cliffhanger in particular that I would LOVE to be able to use this song on. It’s “Judas” by Lady Gaga.

That song would be amazing over the closing credits for that episode. Now if I can just get Lady Gaga to give me the rights to use it in the show. We’re all little monsters here you know. Gaga, you listening? Call me.

So now we can go back to Scandinavia with a song I can’t stop listening to by Fever Ray. It’s called “I’m Not Done.” When I was writing the season finale, this song is that one that played in my head over and over again. There’s no official video so I’ll just post this one, but if you do a search you’ll see plenty of interpretations of the song.

This is the best part of the song…

“One thing I know for certain
I’m pretty sure
It ain’t over
I’m not done”

That will make more sense once you see the season 1 finale. That is once we get it made.

What about you? Do you ever listen to music when you write?

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