The Katie that almost was…

Not too many people realize that we shot the finale to Season 1 of CELL twice. When we had the opportunity to work with the amazing Emmy-nominated Beth Chamberlin, we jumped at the chance. It had been months since we shot the finale and there was a question if we could even make it happen.

Ultimately we did pull it together. And sitting on a shelf a few feet away from me is the footage from that first shoot that has never seen the light of day. 



Lauren Galley was one of the awesome actors that helped out with our table read of “Weird Girls.” She was nice enough to shoot a quick video about the script and the story and what she thought. I just got it and I thought I would share it with you here.


Thanks so much Lauren! You really are more than nice and I’m really excited you liked the script.

I also came up with some great ideas on ways to make “Weird Girls” even better so I’ve got to work on those on top of the changes to the script. Oh and did I mention I have to write scripts for a comic tie in?


About to head to the airport to go to the Consumer Electronics Show and the International Academy of Web Televison Awards on Thursday.

I hope you can all watch the live stream Thursday evening at 8:00 CST at http://www.youtube.com/iawtvorg

CELL is up for 6 awards at the show. We’re up for Best Drama, Best Writing in a Drama, Best Female Performance in a Drama, Best Male Performance in a Drama, Best Cinematography, and Best Score. The other nominees are brilliant so it will be tough but keep your fingers crossed that maybe we can bring home a couple of trophies.

Regardless of the outcome, it’s a great honor to be nominated by your peers for these awards. It’s also a great moment for the industry and we’re all going to be a part of it. So check out the live stream and follow @IAWTV and @IAWTVAwards for all the details and the play-by-play all week.

Oh, and I’ll also be moderating a panel on music in web series and I’m a panelist for the Best Drama nominees. They’ll be taping those and putting them up on the YouTube channel as well. So watch it all! There will be some great panels going on.


Yesterday was the very first table read for Season 1 of “Weird Girls.” As I’ve said before, its always a little nerve-wracking to put your work out there for the first time. All the revisions in the world won’t take away that nagging question of whether or not what I wrote works. The only way to really get past that is to put it out there for others to read and see how it plays.

After 5 hours, a bunch of sandwiches, bottled water, and a few boxes of the best cupcakes in Austin (I’m looking at you Sugar Mama’s)… I finally have my answer.



Red v Blue Table Read at HaloFest

I’m always amazed when I hear people say that “writing is easy.” I’ll take a (probably uncontroversial… because I hate conflict) stand and say that they couldn’t be more wrong. ¬†Well, they could… but they would have to think Greedo shot first.

Writing a solid script takes a lot of time and energy. Make sure the characters are unique. Make sure the mythology is consistent. Make sure the dialog sounds real. Make sure the story makes sense. Make sure characters have an arc. Make sure the story has an arc. And that’s just the creative side of it.

The best tool I’ve ever used for finding out if scripts work is the simple table read. There’s a great feeling when you have talented actors read the script as those characters for the first time. There’s also that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize something doesn’t quite work. There are few things more satisfying, more stressful, or more helpful than for a writer to hear his script read for the first time.

This Saturday I’m hosting my very first table read for “Weird Girls” with a brand new group of actors.

Exciting. Stressful. Fun. All wrapped in one shiny little package. And that’s just where it starts.